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  SAV Studio Mission:

We would like that our Customers find in our cooperation that we are their partner who supports them fully and it leads to save his time and money spent on the project. We care to build the image of a solid, professional, trustworthy company. For our employees we want to create working conditions which let them to grow professionally,what is more we want to enable them to do their work with passion not from a sense of duty. We believe that only then we will achieve a position of  the leader in the design for the automotive industry.

  SAV Studio Vision

We want to be trends creator  on the international market, we want to develop the reliance of Customers to the SAV Studio designers vision –  both in the industrial design branch and bold mechanical structures for the automotive sector. We want to create a blend of style and  applied art which can be transferred to the technical language and afterwards  to produce cheap and simple.
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    Our team consists of people over the years related to the automotive industry. We have a proven track record many successful implemented solutions and projects, our portfolio is the best proof of it.

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    We know that punctuality is one of the most important part of planning the implementation a new product to manufacture. That is why we pay attention to define milestones for each product, and during its lifetime we make efforts to abide deadlines by everyone.

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    About the professionalism of SAV Studio denote the knowledge of our team, equipment and tools they handle every day. When we choose trainings, equipment and CAD software we always select high level ones.

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    We perceive innovativness as a way of thinking. Designing a new device we always try to move its functionality to a whole new direction. This is how we want to be a creator of new solutions on the market.


SAV Studio Team
The driving force behind success is a good team just the structure of our company is very flat. Collegial relationsrelationships allow us always to discuss openly every idea and project, no matter whether the idea was invated by the boss or employee. We always try to make all team members feel part of our company, we want to connect people with passion for design. It's hard to describe the feeling which every time accompanies us when we see the next ready to drive vehicle leaving the factory.
  • Damian Talar
    SAV Studio Owner
  • Edward Matuszewski
    Lead Design Engineer
  • Radosław Golis
    Head of Electrical Department
  • Rafał Michalczyk
    Senior Design Engineer
  • Mateusz Skrzeczkowski
    Design Engineer
We use the latest design software
We pay attention carefully to the software that our team work on. It is extremely important for us that the software vendor provide us support and substantive expertise. We also point out to the popularity of the program among our customers. Therefore, our choice is the top solution for the automotive industry - NX from Siemens for mechanical design and Zuken's E3 for electrical projects. The data integrity in our company rely on the system Team Center PLM from Siemens. It manages the data of every carried out project in our company, what makes that every employee always has access to the latest data revisions. Thanks to the purchased technical assistance we have always accessibility to the latest versions of the software, and professional training.

We have made the axle project for Ziehl-Abegg
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